Provision of Registered Office

Cayman Islands Company Law requires that all companies registered in Cayman have a physical presence in the Islands in the form of a Registered Office. All entities other than ordinary companies must maintain their Registered Office with a licensed services provider such as Cayman Management. Our Registered Office services include the following.

    • Provision of a physical mailing address for the company
    • Display of the company name
    • Maintenance of the statutory registers of the company
      • Register of Members
      • Register of Directors and Officers
      • Register of Mortgages and Charges
    • Submission of the Annual Return to the Cayman Islands Government
    • Co-ordination of all filings with the Registrar of Companies

For practical reasons the Registered Office will normally maintain and safeguard other important records and documents for the company such as:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Minute books
  • Agreements and other contractual documents

As part of this service Cayman Management will typically act as Secretary or Assistant Secretary and can provide the services of a Nominee Shareholder.

The Registered Office service often requires a speedy response to demands for corporate documentation. Cayman Management prides itself on its efficient turn around.

To enquire further as to this service and to discover our current charges Contact us.