Provision of Directors and Officers

By appointing Cayman Management to manage the affairs of the company through the provision of Directors and Officers the client can rest assured that all routine company matters and filing requirements will be automatically taken care of on a timely basis without the need for constant supervision or review.

When providing Corporate Directors together with secretarial and other ancillary services Cayman Management takes the responsibility of running the administrative side of the company in a professional and competent fashion. Cayman Management’s senior staff have many years of experience working with clients and their professional advisers so as to make a significant contribution to the success of any enterprise.

Mind and Management

Provision of local management through the Cayman Directors does not mean a loss of control but has the advantage of ensuring the treatment of the company as truly “offshore”. The physical location of any corporate action taken by its Directors will act as prima facie evidence of the location of the company’s “mind and management”. While a client concentrates on the development of the company and growth of its business the local Directors play an essential part in enabling a clients aims to be achieved.


A local Director provides the convenience and effeciency of a readily available company signatory. In many cases, regulators prefer a local liaison to act as the main point of contact for the company.

Corporate Governance

Many companies wish to take advantage of the expertise and objectivity that a non-executive director can bring to the board, as well as to provide local regulators and service providers with a face they know and trust.

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