Shipping, Yachts & Aircraft Registration

      Vessel and Aircraft Registration in the Cayman Islands

      The Cayman Islands affords individuals and corporations who register their ships, yachts and aircrafts in these islands with an array of vessel registration options and benefits. We work closely with owners, brokers, lawyers and intermediaries worldwide in the provision of your registration needs.

      Cayman Management Vessel Registration and Aircraft Services:

      • Registration and ownership structure creation, including under a Cayman company, foreign registered company, construction, local representation, provisional or other method you require
      • Registration/deletion of marine mortgage
      • Radio license
      • Change of name, change of vessel type (such as pleasure yacht to commercial vessel)
      • Renewals and amendments to certificates, manning and other certificates and other certification services

      Benefits of Registering a Vessel or Aircraft in Cayman Include:

      • An efficient registration procedure in a tax neutral jurisdiction with and competitive registration fees
      • Choice of a wide range of ownership structures in a country with a strong reputation that is attractive to insurers and lenders
      • Access to quality banking, company management, legal and accounting services, as well as the full assistance of the British consular services worldwide
      • Stable political and social climate with a modern statutory framework with underlying English Law principle
      • High standards of operational and maintenance oversight
      • Excellent relationship with the US Coastguard and modern, comprehensive maritime legislation
      • Full range of available registration options including full, interim, provisional, under construction, and demise charter (bareboat), together with the registration of any associated mortgage
      • The Cayman Airport Authority sets high standards and specification leading to the register being highly respected and recognised throughout the aviation industry internationally.
      • Most ships registered in the Cayman Islands are under the protection of the Royal Navy.

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      Shipping Management Services

      Change of Ownership, Registration/Deletion of Marine Mortgage, Radio Licensing, EPIRB…

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      Advantages of Registering Shipping Vessels in the Cayman Islands

      The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) is a Category One British Registry, able to register any vessel of any size, age and type (except commercial fishing yachts), from small pleasure yachts to super tankers, provided the relevant standards are met.

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      How to Qualify as a Shipping Vessel Owner

      To be qualified to be registered as an owner of a vessel on the CISR it is necessary for a person to be from one of a number of jurisdictions mandated by Merchant Shipping Legislation.

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      Benefits of Registering Aircrafts in Cayman

      The Cayman Islands is becoming a popular jurisdiction for the registration of private aircrafts, particularly with helicopters operating from Cayman-registered super- and mega-yachts.

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