Benefits of Registering Aircrafts in Cayman

      The Cayman Islands is becoming a popular jurisdiction for the registration of private aircrafts, particularly with helicopters operating from Cayman-registered super- and mega-yachts.

      Advantages of Registering Aircraft in the Cayman Islands

      There are a number of reasons to make the Cayman Islands your jurisdiction of choice including:

      • An efficient registration procedure
      • The Cayman Islands Civil Aviation Authority sets high standards and specification leading to the register being highly respected and recognised throughout the aviation industry internationally
      • Stable political and social climate
      • Tax neutrality
      • Modern statutory framework with underlying English Law principles
      • High standards of operational and maintenance oversight

      The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is the statutory body responsible for aviation regulatory oversight in the Cayman Islands and for the registration of aircraft under the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) Part 125.

      Typically the aircraft will be owned by a Cayman Islands Exempted Company that Cayman Management can register as part of the overall process.

      Aircraft Registration Process in Cayman

      The aircraft will need to undergo a survey by a CAACI appointed inspector , including a review of all technical logs and aircrew licences and type ratings.

      On completion of the registration process the Cayman mark “VP-C**” will be allocated.

      How we can help

      In the case of financing Cayman Management is able to assist in the area of registration of the resulting mortgage on the CAACI Register of Aircraft Mortgages. This ensures priority in favour of the mortgagee and in time sensitive cases can be preceded by a Priority Notice to protect the lender.

      To find out more about registration of private aircraft in the Cayman Islands go to and to discover how Cayman Management is able to help with your vessel registration needs, contact us.

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