Company Management Services

      Managing a Company in the Cayman Islands

      Establishing a company in an offshore jurisdiction requires specialised knowledge of local and international requirements. Cayman Management can take care of all of these details so you can focus on running your business. The key pillars of our company management services are:

      • Provision of registered office
      • Provision of independent directors
      • Provision of corporate directors
      • Administrative, accounting and consulting support

      We offer these services as part of a full management suite of corporate governance services so you can benefit from convenient and effective operations all at a competitive price. On request, we also provide these company management services individually too. Below we outline why these services are needed and what to expect.

      Requirements for Managing a Company in the Cayman Islands

      Provision of Registered Office for Cayman Offshore CompaniesAtoms / Icons / plusExpand

      The Cayman Islands Companies Act requires that all companies registered in Cayman have a physical presence in the Islands, at a minimum in the form of a registered office for the following:

      • Provision of a physical mailing address for the company
      • Display of the company name; and
      • Maintenance of the statutory registers of the company.

      For practical reasons the registered office will normally maintain and safeguard other important records and documents for the company.

      The Companies Act also requires all Cayman companies to deliver financial information to their Registered Office at least annually. Should you require assistance with maintaining financial records and producing books of account, our team of in-house professionally qualified accountants can assist with this.

      Provision of Independent Directors, Corporate Directors and OfficersAtoms / Icons / plusExpand

      Where we provide registered office services for clients, we usually ask that our secretarial nominee, Cayman Management Services Ltd., be appointed as Secretary or Assistant Secretary.

      This post has no executive authority, but it makes it easier for us to deal with the Companies Registry and other offices and financial institutions when making filings, opening accounts or dealing with requests for documents.

      Our in-house corporate administration professionals will attend board meetings on behalf of Cayman Management Services Ltd., keep minutes of meetings and maintain the company’s minute books, corporate registers and related records.

      By appointing Cayman Management to manage the affairs of the company through the provision of Directors and Officers, our clients can rest assured that all routine company matters and filing requirements will be automatically taken care of on a timely basis without the need for constant supervision or review.
      When providing Corporate Directors together with secretarial and other ancillary services Cayman Management takes the responsibility of running the administrative side of the company in a professional and competent fashion.

      Additional benefits of appointing Cayman-based Directors include “mind and management” in the Cayman Islands, convenience and efficiency, and enhanced Corporate Governance.

      Administrative, Accounting and Consulting Support for Cayman Companies Atoms / Icons / plusExpand

      By engaging Cayman Management for full company management services, your company will be able to take advantage of administrative, accounting and consulting services provided by our team of in-house professionally qualified accountants and company secretary, including but not limited to:

      • Preparation and filing of FATCA and CRS returns
      • Preparation and filing of Economic Substance Notifications and Returns including guidance thereon where appropriate
      • Maintenance and monthly filing of the Beneficial Ownership Register as required by the Cayman Islands Beneficial Ownership Regime
      • Maintenance of financial records
      • Preparation of financial statements and reports, statutory reports, and filings – liaison with external auditors as required
      • Treasury and reconciliation services, including support in opening and monitoring bank accounts, arranging payments, collecting receipts
      • Involvement in daily business activity and operations such as dealing with general correspondence, processing transactions, and coordinating communications
      • Assistance with registration under the Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Act, 2020
      • Assistance with licensing under the Trade and Business Licensing Act
      • Cayman Special Economic Zone information and advice
      • Business plan assistance

      If you are considering establishing a fund in the Cayman Islands, please complete the form below and we will be in touch to see how we can assist.

      Your business matters to you, so trust us with your business matters.