Provision Of Directors For Overseas Companies

Companies registering as Foreign Companies with Cayman Island Registrar of Companies

Cayman Management recognises the need to provide a service to clients who wish to operate in and from the Cayman Islands through a company established in another jurisdiction. In order to so operate such company must register as a Foreign Company with the Cayman Islands Registrar of Companies.

The procedure is set out in the local Companies Law. Cayman Management has experience in the registration process and can guide a client through the procedure and liaise with his professional advisors to ensure an efficient registration. The formalities are straightforward and Cayman Management is happy to give details of what is involved to anyone interested. Contact us

Once registered Cayman Management will provide relevant Registered Office services ensuring that the client is aware of the ongoing requirements under the Companies Law. Cayman Management is able to make available a local director to assist in the ongoing requirements.

Companies establishment in another jurisdiction

Cayman Management is happy to incorporate a company in jurisdiction other than the Cayman Island and provide director services for such company