Company Types

Cayman Management is able to incorporate and register a number of different types of company:

Cayman Islands Companies as follows:

  • Exempted Companies
    • The Company of choice for many investment vehicles
    • Flexibility in choice of name
    • No requirement to file Shareholder information
    • 20 year Tax Exemption certificates available
    • Prohibition on doing business on-island
  • Ordinary Non-Resident Companies
    • Not as flexible in formalities but lower government fees.
    • Requirement to file Shareholder information
    • Certificate of non-residence available
    • Prohibition on doing business on-island
  • Ordinary Resident Companies
    • Used for the carrying on of local business
    • Requirement to file Shareholder information
    • Local Licensing requirements with regard to ownership
  • Segregated Portfolio Companies (“SPCs”)
    • The assets and liabilities of each segregated portfolio (“SP”) are legally separate from the assets and libailities of the Company and those of the other portfolios.
    • A creditor of an SP will only be entitles to recover against assets of the specific segregated portfolio to which the contract relates and assets in the core, if any.
    • Possible uses include insurance companies and fund structures, providing for multiple classes of shares and multiple investment options, property development companies, ship and aircraft owning companies, and as an alternative to operating subsidiaries or divisions of any company.
  • Overseas Companies Registered as “Foreign” in Cayman
    • Existing companies incorporated overseas needing to operate in and from Cayman must be registered as Foreign companies
    • Provision of local directors is available in acceptable circumstances

Other Offshore Companies
Cayman Management has developed relationships over the years with service providers in most of the major offshore jurisdictions to facilitate registration and maintenance of companies incorporated in such jurisdictions.

If you would like to find out more about Cayman Island companies or should you have a specific requirement to use an alternative jurisdiction Contact us and we will let you know how we can help.

Follow this link to discover Cayman Islands Registry incorporation and maintenance fees.