What is the advantage of registering in Cayman as opposed to another jurisdiction, for example BVI?

It is the view of Cayman Management that the Cayman Islands has an edge in terms of industry perception.  There is a  wealth of experience among local professional firms. The maturity of the jurisdiction is such that you are guaranteed find the skill and know-how for most financial business operations. We consider the quality of the Cayman product suits our clients’ needs.

Is it true that there are no taxes in Cayman?

The Cayman Island operate an alternative tax regime. There is no income tax, company or corporation tax, inheritance tax, capital gains or gift tax in the Cayman Islands.

Do I have to come to Cayman to set up the Company?

By nature of our fiduciary relationship with clients we like to meet clients personally wherever possible and, of course you should come to enjoy our wonderful Island beaches and hospitality!

How soon can I get the Certificate of Incorporation?

The processing time for return of the Certificate of Incorporation is approximately one to two business days, unless submitted on an express basis (for an additional fee) in which case the Certificate of Incorporation will be returned with in few hours.

What is the advantage of having Corporate Directors and Nominee Shareholder in Cayman rather than being a Director and Shareholder myself?

You have chosen the Cayman Islands as the jurisdiction of your company for a reason and so you will want to ensure that it is truly an offshore company. The Directors are commonly perceived as the “mind and management” of a company and should ideally be offshore too. We are happy to offer a Nominee Shareholder so as to maximise the efficiency of operations, enabling Cayman Management to attend to all Shareholder matters as directed by the client.