Independent Director Services

The independent director is a recognized and valued component of a well structured and managed fund and provides the Fund, its investors and associated service providers a high level of expertise in corporate governance.

The provision of truly independent and un-biased supervision of the administration and performance of a Fund encourages investor confidence.

The Directors of a Fund are collectively and individually responsible for promoting the success of the Fund. Effective corporate governance is essential to satisfy both the regulators and investors alike.

Cayman Management has available a number of seasoned professional individuals to act as Independent Directors all of whom have a wide range of skills and expertise in corporate governance, fiduciary responsibility, regulation and compliance. With a number of experienced individuals on hand Cayman Management is able to provide an efficient and timely response along with a full support infrastructure to cover all contingencies.

If you are establishing a new Fund or merely looking to add independent expertise to your current board Contact us to discuss how we can help