Securities Investment Business Law

Under the Fourth Schedule of the Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL) in the Cayman Islands persons and entities satisfying certain criteria can be classed as “Excluded Persons” and exempt from the regulations of SIBL upon the completion of the appropriate application form, the making of an annual declaration and payment of an annual fee to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

One of the criteria for exclusion is that the investment business is provided exclusively to, amongst other things, high net worth or sophisticated persons as defined in the Law. This exclusion can be applied to many Investment Managers and Advisors.

Many funds therefore, whether registered in the Cayman Islands or other jurisdictions, choose a Cayman Islands Investment Manager or Advisor and seek to be registered under SIBL as an Excluded Person.

Cayman Management will provide assistance in this regard and is able to handle all the necessary formalities when applicable. Should you like to discuss this further Contact us